The Sum-The Meaning of This Week By Gloria Feldt

The clash of controversy, if used well, can create new social realities. Learning to walk into the wave of controversy and ride it where we want to go rather than backing away from it is an important lesson I learned in my four decades on the leadership frontlines. Not just to manage or dodge but embrace controversy.

Think of controversy as a theory of change with 7 “C’s”:

Google owes it to its future, its customers, and its employees, to commit intentionally to not just continue but to elevate its commitment to diversity and inclusion. If they play their cards right, they can emerge from this controversy as the model company, one where both women and men will want to work there above all because of its commitment to each of them as human beings with unique skillsets and gifts to contribute to the whole.

So we are back to the word of the week: Crossroads: As in a central meeting place.



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