• Noelle Stransky

    Noelle Stransky

    Senior Product Designer — Mobile Applications. www.noellestransky.com • Building community and crazy art at Burning Man.

  • Linda Bosse

    Linda Bosse

  • Alexandra Blond

    Alexandra Blond

    Marketer with many lives, seeker of knowledge, lover of the arts. And good chocolate.

  • Kristin Romaine

    Kristin Romaine

    -the wise live in harmony with the divine. @knromaine

  • Randy Stoeckinger

    Randy Stoeckinger

  • Nancy Colasurdo

    Nancy Colasurdo

    Columnist, Blogger, Author, Coach in the Greater NYC area. Six-word bio: Zen chick with a Jersey edge. Favorite topics: gender, politics, race, meaning of life.

  • Cristina Páez

    Cristina Páez

  • anyhsu


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