Are You Marching?

To make real systemic change, we have a long road ahead. It’s not going to be easy. We’re up against a few millennia of culture. We need to gird our loins and be ready to use “power to,” in a positive way. We need to transform power to make the world better, to claim our space and not let anybody push us back.

When I act from “power to,” I can operate from knowing that there are plenty of pies, or I can bake more pies. There’s no limit to resources like innovation, creativity, intelligence, and love. I can always make things happen because I have access to unlimited supplies of that kind of power. Power enables me to do good things for my family, myself, my community, the world. We shift how we’re thinking about it.

Acting on intentions individually and with others is the only thing that changes the world. Miraculously, it’s the one power we all have in our hands.



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